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How much time will it take to cover the Danish language tree?

I have already completed around 25 skills in 1 and half month. How much time it may take for the next 40 odd skills ?

Thanks and regards, Nikhil

January 14, 2015



It would be interesting for duolingo to show the graphs for average and relative speed of going through the skills for a given course. They should have the data on hand, and it would be easy to periodically aggregate, compute and graph it. It could project how long it is going to take you to reach each milestone.


I don't exactly know. It depends on your start level and your general experience with Scandinavian languages :)


I probably went at roughly the same speed as you are going and I finished it in about 3-4 months. I picked up some speed near the end, but I wasn't redoing many lessons, which means a lot of it never sunk in. I was primarily doing the tree as an introduction to the language, out of curiosity.

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