"The keys were on the tv."

Translation:Nycklarna låg på tv:n.

January 14, 2015

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"tv n" is very confusing, especially because it is in two pieces (tv and n) in the word list. It would make more sense if that would be in one piece (tv:n). I see the ending as a part of the word televisionen, or teven. Is there a technical problem with this sentence?


What's the difference between using låg or var?


kan vi också skriva "teven"? inte fel, eller hur?


Both are correct.


I got it marked wrong.


Never mind. I had misspelled one of the other words. Haha


So låg is past tense of ligger?


This sentence is confusing. Are the keys physically laying on top (or some other part) or do they appear on the tv screen? I'm sure the former is intended, but I'm having trouble picturing such an image, at least on modern flat screen tvs. In which case, is låg the only option? I put satt.


Låg is in "ligger" or "were lying on top of the tv". "Satt" is like "was sitting" and (im not an expert) but i don't think Swedish uses 'satt' like they use står, ligger etc. From what I've learned, 'sitting' is just used for when a person is physically sitting.

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