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Dutch (Nederlands) Lingot Store?

Hey, was wondering why this particular language doesn't have the add-ons that other languages seem to in the lingot store? Like the idioms or flirting?

If anyone knows if it's coming, that would be nice to know!

January 14, 2015



It's still in beta but when it comes out of beta it'll have extras. :D

[deactivated user]

    Just so you don't get in trouble when you speak to Dutch people you usually only use the word "lekker" for food related things. It is not the same as the English word nice. You can also use it for some other things but it is usually related to something that felt nice (although then we often use the word "fijn"). Like I had a nice workout at the gym (Ik heb lekker gesport). Don't ever use it when talking about someone! Unless you want to use a very very cheesy pick up line :) then go for it! ;)


    I've been told by many that the dutch word Lekker is used to describe anything pleasing. Like the weather being lekker or a flight being lekker


    True (especially the weather xD), but sometimes it just does not work, like this case. ;)


    Is it the reason why there is no speaking exercises as well? I really miss that

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