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"I do not want to be your brother."

Translation:Eu não quero ser seu irmão.

July 28, 2013



Eu não quero ser o teu irmão. is commonly used in Portuguese from Portugal


Por que? Portuguêses não gostam dos irmãos deles? :)


Haha! Gostamos sim!


Is "eu não quero estar o seu irmão" acceptable


No. Only "ser" works here. For family members, you should use "ser", even if it is for a short time, as in a game.


Thanks, but Portuguese has more exceptions to the rule than the other languages I studied in school.


Be sure of it.... Even though I am a native speaker, I keep studying my own language since there are lots of exceptions =/


How long does it take to learn enough Portuguêse before I won’t have to translate to English to understand and I can reply with an answer like this one instead of having to think about it for a minute first? I’ve been studying Portuguêse for almost 5 years and I’m in Brasil now for the 16th time. I practice every day with my girlfriend but I can’t understand what she says yet except for an occasional word and phrase. It’s very frustrating. I’ve never had problems learning before. I recently discovered that not having any sleep makes a huge difference and I can understand a lot more and have words ready to use that I normally don’t know when I’m extremely tired. Any ideas? Thanks


I'm pretty much the same. To me, most Portuguese sentences sound like one word with 50 syllables


This and some other sentences from earlier lessons pop up under Verb Modal. All of these include forms of "querer". Probably Duo is programmed this way.

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