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  5. "A sandwich and milk."

"A sandwich and milk."

Translation:Ceapaire agus bainne.

January 14, 2015



This is the fourth time the word for sandwich has appeared in the lesson, but we haven't been given the pronunciation even once. I think Irish really needs more a lot more audio. I am also doing German which has three times as much audio. (Doing the mobile app on Android sytem Nexus 7 tablet).


The audio is working fine in this question. As you may know, we are working to improve our audio. If you have trouble with some pronunciations in the audio, you can consult this website: http://breis.focloir.ie/en/fuaim/ceapaire


There is no audio at all for this question on the Android app. There is audio for only 1/4 to 1/3 of any Irish lesson, as opposed to more than 3/4 of each German lesson. I use the Android app for both Irish and German. My sons tell me they don't have this problem with French or Spanish either, which they also do on the Android app.


Sorry, I assumed you meant in general, not just on the app. It's true that there isn't as much audio as there is in other courses as of yet, as I said we are working on audio at the moment. There'll be an announcement from a member of Team Irish when the new audio is available. :)


It would also be helpful to date one's comments, so we could see how the promises like this one are progressing :)


Thank you so much for all your efforts. I understand now. I will be patient. I think Duolingo is great!


it's kind of like how you would pronounce cabaret, however with 'uh' or 'ah' for the first a


On my android the pronunciation is sometimes available at the top of the "Discuss" page here.

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