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  5. "I drink milk and water."

"I drink milk and water."

Translation:Ólaim bainne agus uisce.

January 14, 2015



Tjis lesson has used the word bainne repeatedly, but we haven't been given pronunciation once. Irish needs more audio! The German program has three times as much audio support. (Using the app on Android)


Team Irish was clear from the beginning not everything would have audio. This is bexause they had to use an actual speaker, not TTS. They are in the process of hiring a new one, however.


Thanks, I will be patient. My understanding was that this was a technical problem. Now that I know I will lie in hope of more audio in the future.


I agree, I am Irish, but if they expect me to learn this, they should actually let us listen to it more


I see that in the discussions I can click on the speaker at the top to get the pronunciation of the word or sentence, but it's usually not in the questions.


Bainne sounds like bon-ya


Was marked wrong when I used above verb form. Said right form was O'lann with the supescript can't type the appostrophe above the letter in this comment.


Ó this? Its a fada btw :)


The thing is for the time being, if they do not have a speaker to provide us with audio pronunciation, they ought to make things simpler by at least putting the English grammatical examples in.

For example: Bainne - (Bon-ya).


This was pretty hard even at beginning They need more audio


Olann Laverne De Fazio bainne agus Pepsi.

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