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Irish textbook

Hello! Maybe the topic has already been discussed but I wasn't able to find it... Any of you could suggest an Irish textbook in order to have some hardcopy material? Thanks a lot in advance!

January 14, 2015



Personally, I recommend Learning Irish. It can be found on Amazon for a reasonable price, and teaches an actual dialect (Cois Fharraige). There's also the old 1960s version of Teach Yourself that teaches West Cork Irish. It's in the public domain, and can be found online for free (with audio of the words, spoken in the dialect!)


Learning Irish is excellent, but it's a steep climb with a lot of focus on grammar and not a lot of usable dialogue. Gaeilge gan Stró!:Beginner's Edition is a much easier introduction and gets you talking pretty quickly. There are lots of others. Browse litriocht.com or siopa.ie to get a sense of the range. The Daltaí na Gaeilge site has a small selection too, and you're not paying the significant shipping and handling that you do if you're in the U.S., ordering from Ireland.


I Don't know of any hard copy textbooks (I'm sure there are some to be had, though likely expensive with exchange and shipping), but there is this: http://phouka.com/stenson/intro.htm and this http://people.fas.harvard.edu/~hillers/BUNTUS-1.pdf


Thanks a lot for the links! Many interesting pages :)


thanks this is helpful

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