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  5. "Nosso programa está velho."

"Nosso programa está velho."

Translation:Our program is old.

July 28, 2013



Why is it "está velho" instead of "é velho"?


Both are correct. It will depend on the context. If ones says "Nosso programa é velho" it means it was made a long time ago, but "nosso programa está velho" is that it became outdated over the time...


Not quite correct. In UK English, "program" is restricted to the noun and verb which refer to computers, while "programme" is a noun used in all other circumstances - thus "the programme for tomorrow's concert is impressive" or "There is an interesting programme on the television" but "My word processing program is out of date". Using programme as a verb would be an unusual neologism.


Does this mean "program" like "Our graduate program is good", "program" like "I wrote a program in C++?", or both?


Both! It can also be a TV program.


Why is it esta velho and not esta velha


O programa = masc. If programa were feminine we would write "A" programa.

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