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"Você sabia que a Inglaterra é uma ilha?"

Translation:Did you know England is an island?

July 28, 2013



I guess that means USA, Brazil and Portugal are all islands too. I feel kind of bad for the Scottish and Welsh - no one seems to remember them.


Yes, Britain is an island and England is PART of it. (The UK includes Northern Ireland, which is part of another island.)


Is England an island? LOL!


https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/England If you use the nonstandard and sometimes offensive meaning. The UK is an island.


No, Great Britain (England + Wales + Scotland) is an island. The UK is formed by several islands (GB, Isle of Man, the Shetlands, the Orkneys, the Western Isles, the Isle of Wight, Guernsey and Jersey, not to mention their overseas dependencies like St. Helens Island, Bermuda, the Falklands, etc.) and by a slice of Ireland (NI).


As an Englishman I have to agree with this question.... The Scottish and Welsh don't count :P


Could you also use the pretérito perfeito: "Você SOUBE que a Inglaterra é uma ilha"?


It's the same in English, but different in Portuguese... "eu soube" someone told me yesterday

"eu sabia" I always knew


No - that would imply that the action ended some time before (which is quite hard to do with definitions).


Tenho uma dúvida: Poderia constar o "that" na tradução? Ficando assim: "Did you know that England is an island?"


Não é necessário, mas pode ser utilizado, sim.

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