"Det finns mer knäckebröd i köket."

Translation:There is more crispbread in the kitchen.

January 14, 2015

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A couple of sentences ago it accepted 'knäckebröd' as a translation of 'knäckebröd', but in this sentence it won't... What am I missing?


Yeah, I was wondering about that too...


Wow, in Dutch we just say knäckebröd, since we eat it all the time here. Now my brain has to translate it from Dutch to English first!


In Germany, we call it Knäckebrot, but I personally refer to it as "pressed sawdust". Well, maybe we just don’t get the original quality here. ;)


Maybe Wasa and Ikea receive their resources from the same distributor, who knows? ;-)


"Knäckebröd" is the same for singular and plural, as far as I know. So wouldn't it also be correct to say "there are more crispbread in the kitchen"?


It says here that bread can be either uncountable or countable, so if you write "there are" you should probably write breads.


To my understanding bread only uncountable. But the loafs of bread or the slices of bread are countable. So if you don't specify loaf or slices you should treat it us uncountable.

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In English you can say both bread and breads, but they mean different things. "There is more bread in the kitchen" just means that there are more loafs of bread in the kitchen. "There are more breads in the kitchen" means that there are additional kinds of bread in the kitchen to choose from. The exact same thing holds true for cheese/cheeses.


I'd call the second kind brödsorter/ostsorter or sorters ost/bröd in Swedish. In this context, I'd say Det finns fler sorters bröd/ost i köket.


The plural for loaf in English is loaves


True, "knäckebröd" can be read as just bread, but couldn't it also mean several slices of bread? I'm asking a native speaker here... As I understand it, the traditional "knäckebröd" is one big hard slice that you break into smaller pieces. So "knäckebröd" can mean one big slice, a bag of bread or several slices, isn't that correct?


It can come in a big round cake or in rectangular slices. But we don't call those ett knäckebröd. A slice of knäckebröd would be en skiva knäckebröd.


I'm quite sure I say that. F.ex. if there's an assorted bread basket at the other end of the table, and i wanted a crispbread, I'd ask someone "Kan du ge mig ett knäckebröd".


OK, so at least some people say that. :) Still I think it's more standard usage to treat knäckebröd as a mass noun or uncountable.


nobody actually calls it crispbread, why is knäckebröd not an acceptable translation?


Sorry, but we just call it 'knäckebröd' in the Netherlands. Eat it all the time, too. I feel really cheated every time DL marks it wrong


Since everybody calls it knäckebröd in his/her language why is it not accepted here? I know it has been asked already twice on this page, but I don't find an answer.


I think I am actually learning more English words in this lesson than Swedish ones xD


Is there any difference between "mer" and "fler" since both may mean "more"?


Thank you so much :)


Why is hard tack not acceptable? That's what i grew up calling it.


What would a Swede think if I say 'Det är mer knäckebröd....'


What is the difference between knäckebröd and crackers?


Swedish rye crisp is a specific type of cracker. In the US, Wasa is the most common brand. https://www.wasa.com/en-us/

IKEA also sells it in their Swede Shop.


We call it Wasa bread after the brand.

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    I Sverige, vad är knäckebröd?


    If you have an Ikea near you you can go buy it and try some! They also have sill (herring) and kanelbullar.


    We find Leksands knäckebröd at Meijer supermarkets here in Michigan. Otherwise Wasa if we can't find it.

    I usually go with butter and/or a slice of white cheese, but I have been known to experiment with such things as peanut butter and honey for a quick breakfast. My dad will do things like PB&J or spread ripe avocado on it. Gasp Should he have his Swedish Card revoked? :D


    That's also a good choice. I do eat that from time to time, usually with Kalles Kaviar.


    In the UK, the best-known brand is Ryvita.


    You can read about knäckebröd here.


    Just wondering... It translates as crisp breads but all the locals call it hard bread. Is that not acceptable?


    There are more should be accepted as there are more than one crispbread in the kitchen. There is another crispbread... There are more crispbread... English use, not US or AUS!

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