"Cet équipement est lourd."

Translation:This equipment is heavy.

5 years ago



What is the difference between ce, cette and cet?

5 years ago


Cette goes before feminine nouns, cet goes before masculine nouns that start with a vowel or silent h, and ce goes before all other masculine nouns.

5 years ago


Exactement. Also, don't forget "ces" for plural nouns of either gender.

4 years ago


Ce/cet masculin ce is before a word which begins a consonant or a "H aspiré" for exp: ce garcon/ ce horloge cet if the word begins a vowel or a '"H" muette." For example: cet ami/cet homme

4 years ago

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I believe there is an H muette in horloge -> cet horloge is the correct one. I lost a heart because of this in a lesson I did recently. Just checked it in a dictionary: l'horloge it is.

4 years ago


don't you think it sounds more like "Cette equipe ment..."?

4 years ago

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Sure it does. They both sound the same, but as you probably know by now all the nouns and articles must agree. This is a masculine noun, that is why lourd is spelled without an e at the end. If you spelled it with an e (lourde), it no longer agrees. You must memorize the gender of nouns. Thats so hard for me and the rest of my countryfolk

4 years ago

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But what kind of equipment could be meant? Hints?

4 years ago
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