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  5. "The girl wears the glove."

"The girl wears the glove."

Translation:A menina veste a luva.

July 28, 2013



Funny, I thought brazilian portuguese also says "to wear" as "calçar", regarding shoes and gloves... European portuguese allows that :)


Hm, your comment made me look it up on the internet, and from what I can see, it seems that you're correct. From what I gathered, calçar is used for dressing your feet and hands. (I didn't know that before!) I found it also said the same thing on this site, and since the website address is Brazillian, I guess its not a unique European Portuguese trait(?) http://www.recantodasletras.com.br/gramatica/3302796


Can't you say "A menina usa uma luva."? I am trying to pass the course quiz and skip over the lesson because I know more then it thinks. It holds me back when I put "A menina usa uma luva" even though it's more correct than "A menina veste uma luva."


I answered "A menina usa uma luva" as well but it was not accepted.

Earlier you also said: "A menina veste a luva" is a better translation for "the girl puts on the gloves".


Your answer is marked wrong not because of the use of "usar" but for using "uma" instead of "a". The question asks for "the gloves/ a luva" not "a glove/uma luva"

"A menina usa a luva" is accepted as correct as well.


Would 'usa a luva' be applicable here as well?


Yes. It is right.

For me, "A menina veste a luva" is a better translation for "the girl puts on the gloves".


Agreed, I was just checking if there was another translation


Porque 'bota a luva' é errado? (grew up in Brasil but left a long time ago so I am re-learning the language)


By the way "veste a luva" seems to be less common than "põe / bota / coloca a luva".


How would you unambiguously say the glove and not the gloves? Is this similar to boots/shoes in that one of a pair is referred to as um pê de bota/sapato? (my accent might be wrong there)


I am brazilian and I agree with you. Probably she isn't wearing only one glove, but both... so, in my opinion, the right would be "gloves". Or, at least, both answers should be right.


Obrigado! Como se diria que só veste uma luva e não as duas?


Exato! Ambas as respostas deveriam estar certas...


Let's say she lost a glove. How would you say that she's only wearing one glove?


Why is ' A menina bota a luva' incorrect?


Agreed. This should be correct! 7/8/2020


I tried to use "calca" and it said the correct answer should be "A menina coloca a luva." Is this correct? I've never heard of this conjugation and I couldn't find it anywhere online. I saw "calcada" but not "coloca". was wondering if this is used in BP or if it is just a typo


You should use "calçar" for pants and shoes in general.

Colocar conjugation: http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-colocar

[deactivated user]

    Shouldn't "A menina põe a luva" be also accepted?


    Can you say "A menina bota a luva?" It was not accepted.

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