"Prinsen vill ha en vit häst."

Translation:The prince wants a white horse.

January 14, 2015

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Hehe, he wants to be 'the prince on the white horse'!


Cam someone explain why its "ha" here instead of "har"


vill ha is a phrasal verb consisting of two words. We use that for wanting nouns. For wanting verbs, i.e. for wanting to do things, we use just vill.
Han vill ha en häst 'He wants a horse'
Han vill rida 'He wants to ride'


My uninformed guess is vill ha is like in English the literal “want/will to have”, therefore needs the infinitive form ha.


Because if you used "har," it would be like "I can has cheeseburger. "


kiteo is correct.

I was just making a dumb reference to the old meme "I can haz cheezburger."


Isn’t that more a conjugation error?


Om önskningar var hästar alla skulle rida.

Vet ni Rida, Rida, Ranka? Jag har sökte det och har hittat flera versioner. Jag kommer ihåg en när min mormor tappade mig mellan sina knär på slutet. Jag hittade en på tysk som verkar så men inte den samme på svenska.

Och som vanligt, berätta för mig när min svenska är fel ...


Why can I not say 'the prince wants TO HAVE a white horse'. If there's no context 'vill ha' can mean both: Want and want to have. Correct?


...and he wants some purple rain too!


I can't hear the h in häst... is it usually dropped in casual conversations?


There has to be an "h" sound at the beginning, maybe the robot voice has been repaired as I hear the 'h' now, as I reply 5 months later (probably to no avail).

It would be like saying "orse" for horse. Though maybe in Texas with a drawl one might sound like they are saying "orse". :)


When we will use "vill "eller "vill ha ",means can it be like that " prinsen vill en vit häst"


I think we have to use "vill + verb" and "vill ha + object" because in Swedish you can't just want an object (like in English), you always have to want to HAVE an object (which can be omitted in English)


And he should have one, because he is a prince!


If you wanna ride, don't ride the white horse.

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