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Strengthen skills bug

I've just discovered this bug: if I strengthen an individual skill (rather than the general 'strengthen skills'), then, before the practice is over, close the tab, the skill immediately becomes gold on my tree. The skill icon in the skill's page on the tree also becomes gold.



My Danish objects skill


After strengthening and closing the tab


It's also gold in the skill's page.

Edit: Everything seems to be fixed now. Thank you, Duo team!

January 14, 2015



Maybe it was the skill that had your weak words?


No, it's definitely a bug; it will go gold without me doing anything.


That is both a positive and a negative. I was just strengthening some skills, and nearing the end, when I chose to view the discussion about one of the questions. That is normally fine. But this time, I made the mistake of clicking on the profile of one of the participants, to find out more about them. That, it turns out, is NOT fine, as instead of opening in a pop-up or new tab, I was immediately navigated away from the almost completed skill-strengthening exercise. You guessed it - progress is lost - it doesn't bookmark where you were! So I've not got any points for a practice that had only one or two questions left to go. That also means my progress for today is still at zero, so if I don't want to lose my streak (or rather forfeit my streak freeze), I have to complete another exercise from the beginning. The only saving grace? At least I don't have to start that same skill all over again, because it's already turned gold (full strength) in my tree. So it did sort of save my progress - I just don't get any points for it.

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