"A sixteen-year old boy."

Translation:En sexton år gammal pojke.

January 14, 2015

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Isn't a sixteen years old too old to be "en pojke" ? How old do you have to be to be "en kille" ?


There is a significant overlap of the terms. Teenagers can be either, really.


Is "en sexton åring pojke" correct, or would you not use "åring" with "pojke"?


This came up as a multiple choice question to choose the right answer. The answer i selected, which was marked as correct, was "En sexton år gammal kille". But when i tap through to this discussion thread about the sentence it says pojke instead of kille.

Very confusing....especially as i had been looking for an answer with pojke as i think this is the first time kille has appeared for me.


Is gamla not right?


Gamla would be used if there were more than one boy, or if the definite was used.

En gammal man Flera gamla män Den gamla mannen

I think ...


En sexton arig pojke is not correct?

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