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  5. "A sixteen-year old boy."

"A sixteen-year old boy."

Translation:En sexton år gammal pojke.

January 14, 2015



Isn't a sixteen years old too old to be "en pojke" ? How old do you have to be to be "en kille" ?


There is a significant overlap of the terms. Teenagers can be either, really.


Is "en sexton åring pojke" correct, or would you not use "åring" with "pojke"?


This came up as a multiple choice question to choose the right answer. The answer i selected, which was marked as correct, was "En sexton år gammal kille". But when i tap through to this discussion thread about the sentence it says pojke instead of kille.

Very confusing....especially as i had been looking for an answer with pojke as i think this is the first time kille has appeared for me.


Is gamla not right?

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