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  5. "A boy is drinking water."

"A boy is drinking water."

Translation:En pojke dricker vatten.

January 14, 2015



When we use " är " and when we don't . for ex. Why it is ( En pojcke dricker vatten ) not ( En pojcke är dricker vatten )


In English, they have two constructions is drinking and drinks, but in Swedish we've only got one, dricker, for the present. So both is drinking and drinks are always just dricker.


We have the same problem with this


Pojke is an en-word. All Swedish words are either an en-word or an ett-word, and it's important to learn the grammatical gender by heart.


How are kille and pojke different from one another?


Kille is a little more colloquial. pojke is normally only used about children whereas kille can be either a child or a young man. Also, din kille can mean your boyfriend, whereas din pojke will only be interpreted as your son. But in very many cases, both work.


Pojke used for boys under 18 and kille for whom above 18


That's not true, but you're on the right track. We use pojke for children or young men, and kille sometimes regardless of age.


Why not En pojke står och dricker vatten?

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