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  5. "De batterij is leeg!"

"De batterij is leeg!"

Translation:The battery is empty!

January 14, 2015



in New Zealand we would say the battery is flat. Never empty.


In English "The battery is dead" is not uncommon to hear. Does this translate well to Dutch?


I'm not sure about the other parts of the Netherlands (and Belgium), but 'the battery is dead' does not translate well where I live (de Randstad). ;)


When my phone's battery is low, it tells me "Accu is bijna leeg". Is "batterij" more common, or are they about the same?


accu is more commonly used for car batteries, batterij is used for all different kinds of batteries.


You can recharge a accu a battery can't be recharged :)


I get the same text. Can someone answer this quetion?


According to the Van Dale, 'accu' is used in Belgium: http://vandale.nl/opzoeken?pattern=batterij&lang=nn

But according to my partner (who's Flemish), accu is rarely used because it's very old fashioned, and in any case, it'd be only used when referring to a car battery.

(By the way, accu comes from accumulator)

The bilingual version doesn't say whether there's a difference or not: http://vandale.nl/opzoeken?pattern=battery&lang=en

Ngram viewer: http://kbresearch.nl/dbnl/ngram-viewer/

The Ngram viewer seems to confirm what my partner told me.


How would you say the battery is low?

Literally "de batterij is laag" or would you have to say something else, like "de batterij is bijna leeg"?


Noone says laag, you're second sentence would be used.


Australia....the car battery is flat , other batteries are dead and are thrown in the bin.


we also can say 'the battery has run out'. can you say this in dutch?


I would say "De batterij is leeg geraakt"


The battery is dead, flat or is dying and needs charging or a charge. In old car batteries you had to add water in each cell to top them up and in this case they were actually empty or low.


What about 1: De batterij zit leeg! 2. De batterij staat leeg!


A battery can’t sit or stand and the combination is leeg zijn, so no.

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