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DuoCheck: See how many XP until the next level

Note: This handy little trick comes from Dmitriy_K in the Russian forums. He posted this a few weeks ago and I thought it was so helpful, I just had to share it. All credit goes to Dmitriy_K or whoever originally made this


Ever since Duolingo removed the XP bar, many users have tried to come up with an easy and effective way to display how many XP are left until the next level, and I believe this is by far the easiest and most effective method to date.

It's called DuoCheck. All you have to do is click the link and it will display what level you are on in each language and how many XP remain until you reach the next level. Simple as that!

Of course you could use a user script or try to figure it out by viewing your total XP on the app, but I think this is so much easier.

Hopefully this little tip helps you out until the XP bar returns in its new form. And again, all credit goes to Dmitriy_K...I am merely the messenger!

Happy Learning!

Slán :D

January 14, 2015



...And I also recommend to pull the link into your bookmarks bar that would see the level of XP of any page, without going into our posts in the forum.


...And I also recommend to save the link into your bookmarks (no need for bar). That will be easier to access, without having to go search for posts.


Actually, Dmitriy meant your bookmarks (tool)bar. A lot of people just call it the "bookmarks bar" instead of saying "bookmarks toolbar". It's the area that shows up right under the address bar (by default in most browsers, anyway).


Your version I like more than my :)


...more than mine*.



And thank you very much :)


He also meant "pull", not "save" because you can click & drag it to the bookmarks toolbar. Just FYI.


Oh hey! An English version! Thanks Alex! :D


Do you know if DuoCheck is calibrated to allow for levels beyond 25? I received this in my inbox, which makes me think that someday people will have the option to get to level 26. But, the DuoCheck just tells me that I need to get - such and such number to get to the next level (aka back to level 25, which is my current level.)

Progress towards Level 26


Not currently, but if higher levels become available, I think it would be possible to edit the script to allow for these levels


Thanks for the reply, Alex :)


That email has been a bug forever. DuoCheck simply prints the information in the duo.user.attributes.languages object. You can take a look at the object yourself with your browser's javascript console (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome) by typing "duo.user.attributes.languages" and hitting enter.

The DuoCheck link doesn't have any special insight into the staff's potential addition of more levels, although the way it is written, it would work perfectly if more levels were ever added in the future.


=/ Someone should point out to Duolingo that the A/B testing for this feature is broken as various methods are being used to gather the information when it isn't presented to users. Or maybe they already realise.

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Although if the results of an A/B test are invalid because one group is trying to replicate the other's resource, you may find yourself with a result anyway...

<h1>Perfect!!!! Awesome !!!!!!</h1>


Thank you so much Alex!


Thanks. That was what I wanted to know. I was hoping there was some way of moving faster without doing more practices. I still make mistakes on the easiest of sentences, but I lived in Argentina for a while, and while I never had to speak much Spanish there I did get a lot of the vocabulary down. So the slow introduction of new nouns is a little boring.


O que isso tem haver ?




That is a very handy link, but I do want to copy a post I made in a related thread a while back:

A little security warning: the method that link uses takes advantage of a security vulnerability called Cross-site scripting (more commonly called XSS). That particular link is innocent, but please take some care to avoid clicking on links if you don't know what they're going to do, especially links like this one that contain embedded javascript code.


Good heads up for the future :) Thanks!


A little security warning: the method that link uses takes advantage of a security vulnerability called Cross-site scripting

For this reason, I proposed in my original post to audit my little script for everyone. I know how to do bad, but a good reputation is more important to me. (Sorry for my bad english)


Your English is perfect :)


I don't see how people who say 'Your English is perfect :)" or "yeah!!!" can get you lingots...


I also don't see why my previous post would get me that either....


For some reason, the link doesn't work for me. It doesn't let me click it.

What is the URL?


I see the line in your original post (Google Translate actually works surprisingly well for Russian, who knew?), but I wanted to post it here too in case anybody doesn't take the time to translate. Thanks for including that part. Those types of links can be quite dangerous coming from a source that doesn't care so much about their reputation.

With respect to your English, I would say "I proposed in my original post that everyone examine my little script" or "...in my original post for everyone to examine my...." instead.


Thank you for your comment. So really looks elegant. I still enjoy using Google Translet for large complex sentences with a little my corrections - that's why my style is some unsightly.


wow dude your streak is massive!!!


The link is excellent :-) thanks! But a bit concerning that the only reason you don't do bad is because of your reputation ... haha, just kiddin' ;)


you did a great job!!!!


khiếp sao mà học lâu năm à


Thank you so much!


Awesome! Thanks! :D


I am 73,700 points away from the next level in French, apparently. But only 17,000 or so in Italian. :-)


Notice the negative symbol. That is how far you are beyong level 25.


I don't know much about this site. Is there anyway to speed this up? I feel like the vocabulary is increasing too slowly and I would like to get beyond the present tense. I'm at level 9 and need 590 more xp before I level up.


Learning on duolingo is self-paced. If you want to speed up, just increase the number of lessons you take each day. I'd recommend against rushing it though. If you don't build a solid foundation with the earlier lessons then the later ones will be harder to complete.

Incidentally XP and levels aren't directly linked to progress through the tree. I've been practicing a lot recently to improve my understanding of already "completed" skills before moving on. This is giving me a lot of XP, even though my progress through the tree has slowed down somewhat.


This is great. I'm not sure, how can I copy the script to another post?


You should be able to just copy the link like any other and then put it between the usual brackets: [] ()

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Like so many other people, I can't see my stats from my own page, but one of my friends has been providing me updates. At first I was excited, but the number of XP that's displayed beside "Next Level" continues to INCREASE, so I assumed it was the number of XP that I'd earned TOWARD my next level. From what's been written here, that doesn't seem to be correct. As of this moment, that number is 10157. Yesterday, it was less than that. Thoughts?

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As part of my little experiment, I just earned 10 XP and ran the script again. it now reads:

--> Next Level: 10167.

So the number is going up.


I would guess that's because you are looking at the "Next Level" figure for German, and you are already at the maximum level of 25, so there is in fact no next level to reach.

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Ahhh... I didn't know there was a maximum level. I just earned 7 XP in Swedish and the number went down by 7. So that must be it. Thanks. :)


I was using Duocheck but then i realized that when you go to your profile it says the name of the language and how many to the next level also how many you have in all.


Hallo! Duocheck worked twice on my Android tablet but now it doesn't and hasn't for two weeks. The link doesn't link. It works on my laptop. Is there anything I can do?


On android's browser running special mobile version of Duolingo's site. Maybe, developers added some improving two weeks ago...


Thank you so much for this! Is it just my computer or is this link no longer working? Thanks!


The link no longer works due to new restrictions on embedding code within links in the forum. The information that it showed is now available on your profile page though.


The userscript referenced here still works though. (so does the original Duocheck incidentally, as long as you already bookmarked the link)


It's not working. :(


Oh my gosh >.< Thank you!


I don't know if i'm in a certain A/B testing group, but i've still got my levels and xp on my profile.


This is very interesting. Can you show a screenshot of your profile? Please :)


I have this too. My profile shows this without any userscript. Does this mean I'm in a test group? I assumed everyone was seeing number of xp to next level. It's great to have -- I love it -- and I see why everyone wants it. Can't imagine why it isn't universal for everyone.


I have it and can see everyone else's level and how much XP till their next level on their Profile/Activity page.


That looks nice! I used to have something similar before (like in the time where the coach was being tested) but it didn't show up the XP needed for the next level.


Where is your personal trainer ???


(I will presume you mean coach.) It's still on the home page.


Haha, I'm sorry, [The coach], (The personal trainer is for portuguese speakers) hehehe :D ... I love the XP's bar ...Well it could be back here: \


I want this!!! I have NO indications of points anywhere. And today I hit my 364 day streak and wanted to share with my friends about points and levels, but I find NO indication of my progress anywhere. Kind of makes me wonder why I'm bothering to keep this up at all.


I can see this when I am on the English>Spanish, but I cannot in my Hungarian>English profil. I thought it is a feature of the hungarian page, because it has just left beta. (Sorry for my poor English)


i have it. why don't other people have it?


That's way more informative!


I'd just love to have this.


That is what I want!!!!! But Duocheck is great too :) Thanks!!


Who's the one giving everyone a lingot?

[deactivated user]


    Actually, you don't need a screenshot in order to see the xp on his profile. If you click the link of his username, it takes you to his profile page and you can see his xp there. At least I can see them. But maybe that's another a-b testing thing.


    I can't. Dmitry asked for the screenshot because, for those of us who can't see it on our own profiles, it's not there on anyone else's either. Wish it were! ^_^


    OK. Just wondering, what's taking so long for them to add it for everybody? It only took a week to change the XP for reviewing lessons ;-)



    I have to say I find both the metrics and their conclusions highly questionable.

    In this particular case I would think that the existence of such tools as DuoCheck would invalidate the results of any A-B testing for this type of thing anyway. I regularly use a script to check my progress to the next level. Giving me a way to do this within the context of Duolingo itself can surely only increase my engagement with the site...

    Edit to reply:

    I myself have only been using Duolingo for 2 months, but from what I read on the forums, this isn't the first time they have made a change which hasn't necessarily been received as a positive one... I get the impression that many are engaging and staying engaged despite these changes rather than because of them, and that sooner or later if they keep basing decisions on what may well be faulty premises then they are going to end up with something unworkable and the whole thing will collapse....

    Edit 2

    Well I wouldn't expect such a thing to be telegraphed, sudden or even initially noticeable.. I expect (if it happened) it would be a long slow decline as people lost motivation and dropped out, or moved on to other tools. over time the percentage of people finishing trees would fall.. the turnover rate would increase... eventually the popularity would wane and though there might be a few hangers on for a long time to come, eventually it would become too unprofitable to continue being viable. I've seen communities slowly fall apart in the past, once the thing that holds them together is gone. Duolingo has a good thing going for the moment, but if they keep making changes which result in decreased motivation on the part of the users (and I'm not just talking about the XP bars here) they may find themselves scrambling to get people interested again, and there probably wouldn't even be a clear indication of what changes were the critical ones that caused it all to go wrong.


    (we're at post limit)


    you said the metrics show that "including the XP information on the profile was actually detrimental." How can this be? I do not see how knowing that information would slow a person's progress. It's like going on a road trip and not knowing how many miles you've driven or how many miles until the destination. For me, I find it enjoyable to monitor my progress by xp and level. It's fun to watch the numbers progress. It's an added feature of the gamification experience. Otherwise, why even have Levels at all?


    The amount of time it takes for a test to run depends on the number of people participating and the strength of the results. In the case of the reduced XP test, the sample size was huge, and according to Luis, the results were clear quickly. Most tests last at least a month though.

    For this test with the XP information on profile pages, the sample size should be similar, but according to a post by one of the staff (kristine maybe, I can't locate it anymore), the initial findings were indicated that including the XP information on the profile was actually detrimental to whatever metrics they were considering. At that time, she said that they'd continue the test to get a larger sample before making a final decision. Based on the lack of movement on that front, I think it's safe to assume that the results held negative. It'll be interesting to see what new idea the team comes up with for showing that info.

    Edit to reply (we're at the post limit):
    I wasn't making a statement about the validity of the team's conclusions, just relaying what they've told us about the testing in the past.

    Generally, I agree with you that some features seem obvious enough to implement even with contradictory test results (especially this one with respect to the progress information). It's important to remember though, that we're not privy to the whole picture. Specifically, we don't know what metrics Duolingo is looking at when they talk about "user engagement", nor what their business goals are (maybe new users are more important than existing ones?). Even worse, the users on the forums are only a small subset of Duolingo's user base (something like 70% of all users are app-only, and only a fraction of the remaining 30% visit the forums). Though the positive feedback for DuoCheck in the forums seems like a tidal wave of support, the hundreds of users that have found it useful pale in comparison to millions of data pieces from the users in the related A/B test. Duolingo historically has put their faith in the numbers over opinions from the forum users, and taking a step back to look at the big picture, I don't necessarily fault them for it. After all, the system has clearly worked well to get them this far :)

    Edit 2:
    That's a fair perspective from someone that hasn't been around long. A couple of the recent changes (Coach, XP progress) have generated a bunch of negative feedback. As with any changes you make to software, the well-received ones here rarely generate much discussion outside of "well it's about time" comments. Recently, the team has been running almost 100 concurrent A/B tests. If you've only heard complaints about a handful in 2+ months, that's a pretty good result, and definitely not a sign of some sort of slip into a site-wide collapse :)

    Edit 3 (to DeanG6):
    It's a funny result, isn't it? I've got a rather analytical/engineering mind, and it's always difficult for me to see how "more features" could possibly be a bad thing. After all, the people that don't want to use the feature can always just ignore it, right? A/B tests have a way of challenging our preconceived notions, specifically the one that shouts "yes, information! gimme gimme gimme", haha.

    I don't do marketing/advertising by trade, but I have done some minimal A/B testing myself in the past for my company. I'll give you an example from there, since I don't know the specifics about Duolingo's results. -- I noticed that one of our competitors was not displaying the price of their product on their landing pages (in fact, they weren't displaying it anywhere, you had to request a quote). In my mind, this was ridiculous. If somebody's interested in purchasing, they're obviously going to ask about the price, so why not just save everybody the trouble and provide it "up front". So, I did a test on our site that hid the pricing information and the results were rather inescapable. We had a 10% increase in one of our main indicators for sales when we hid the price and made no other change. The result really surprised me, but hey, the numbers don't lie (even when the change seems to make things more difficult for the user).

    With respect to Duolingo's test, I suspect that something similar is going on. Perhaps when they show the progress indicator in plain sight users that are far from leveling up actually get demotivated? Perhaps the "ends" of getting more activity from most users justify the "means" of taking some enjoyment from users that like tracking their progress in a detailed way? Maybe the "power users" that like to track their own activity are on the whole sufficiently self-motivated enough to keep up their activity in spite of any changes to the UI they dislike? There's several possible reasons for the test to have turned out that way. We just have to trust that the team is doing what's best for the company, even when the results seem unintuitive.


    I've got it too; but I have never activated the coach - he is still there waiting on my screen, but I am ignoring him!


    Why not? He won't bite.


    but he will take away the ability to see my XP!


    He didn't for me. My coach is active, AND I see current XP with number needed to next level. This is referring to Spanish, Italian, Portuguese courses (from English). My English course (from Spanish) does not show XP.

    EDIT (reply to BaconChomper) -- my xp and xp to next level are visible only on my profile, not my homepage. And apparently if you can see it on your own profile then you can see it on other people's profiles too.


    Interesting! I didn't realise that, I'm happy without the coach, but thanks for the info.


    Can you see that on your home page? Or only on your profile? I can't see it on my homepage. I wish it never changed.


    You are in a test group :)


    Wow I didn't realize this was still in testing.


    what does that mean?


    When Duolingo releases something, it usually only allows a part of the community to see it. Hence why it's called a test group.


    Yep, I've still got this too! 97XP until Level 13 French


    It works only if someone is doing a course in English, and only for the courses someone is doing in English. When someone changes to a course in another language, it doesn't work anymore.


    that is very helpful


    Wow!! That's awesome! Thank you so much! :D

    [deactivated user]

      Awesome. Both of my languages need less than 40 points.


      This looks like a great tool! How do you execute javascript from a link like that?


      It's magiс :)


      How we install this bar please?


      Click & drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. If you can't do it, just reply & I can explain further -- but that would simply mean that your browser isn't showing the bookmarks toolbar readily, which can be remedied in short order.

      Good luck!


      Btw, when you click the bookmark every time, no extra window or tab opens in your browser, only the pop-up message that shows your points status -- just like it did when you clicked it here in the forum.


      Wow! It's very interesing.


      Muito obrigado pela dica. "Thanks for the tips"!!


      I thought I was a hundred away, but apparently i'm only 33 away :D thanks!


      Grazie Slan: D, anche Dimitry_K,!


      Thanks Dmitriy!


      Super :) Thank you.


      Thank you Alexinirland! Happy learning. I see you have your hands full. Congrats!


      Thanks. have a lingot!


      You give a lingot you get 2!


      Thank you!!! I feel so much more motivated now knowing how much XP I need to get to the next level. I was just thinking I'd never see the next level of Spanish, but I'm only 300 away.


      thanks for this.


      Works great, thanks for the tip


      Thank you for your comment. So really looks elegant. I still enjoy using Google Translet for large complex sentences with a little my corrections - that's why my style is some unsightly.


      But I still get the level and how much xp is needed on my profile... :/


      And thank you very much :)


      thank you this has helped alot


      That is a very handy link. Helped a lot.


      THat's awesome! How do I add it on my duolingo phone app.?




      thanks! THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      This was very useful. Thank you for this website.


      the link doesn't work


      The link doesn't work but the script itself still does. If you copy the following text and set it as the address of a new bookmark you can use the bookmark to activate the script. (Note: This isn't actually the DuoCheck script originally posted in this thread, but a similar script originally posted here.



      Since the beginning of the year JavaScript been disabled on Duolingo. But all information is available in your personal profile (French - Level 5, Next level: 80 XP, Total XP: 370 XP). Good study!


      For some reason, this link does not work for me.


      Yes, I just checked this link again myself, and you're right, it doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm not the original creator of this, so I can't say for sure why that is, but at any rate, it isn't really necessary anymore since Duolingo added the XP needed to reach the next level to the users' profiles (as in this image) a while after I posted this.


      thank you so much you and Dmitriy_K


      I can't see this Duocheck option anywhere


      This topic is outdated.
      Now you can watch the same information in your profile.


      I can see how many XP's I have in each language, but idk how I see how much I'm missing to get to the next levet


      The link doesn’t work. Doesn’t do anything when I click on it


      In the first, Duolingo disallowed scripts. Secondly, after 4 years the architecture of the Duolingo has changed and the script becomed irrelevant. In the third, information about XP can be seen in your profile without any scripts.

      Successes in studies! :)


      hi gimme lingots

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