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Away for a few months - what's the best way to catch up?

Most of my skills are now at 1 bar word strength. Is it best to redo lessons to catch up, or should I hit the "Lesson practice" button over and over to revise a few different random words at a time?

Oh, just noticed a lot of new lessons have been added. I guess I'll start by completing those and see where that gets me. Any other tips for getting back into Duolingo?

July 29, 2013



Try hitting the practice button a lot. If you find you are struggling, go into the first lessons, and hit the practice button for them, and work your way to the harder parts of the tree practicing the skills in order.


I definitely think the unit practices are the way to go. Welcome back!


The unit practices are the best way to go. May take some time, but I really can't think of a better way, especially with Duolingo constantly adding new content.

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