"Sei in aeroporto?"

Translation:Are you at the airport?

July 29, 2013

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there are certain nouns--I think generally indicating common places--where the definite article is omitted in Italian. I used to work with an Italian guy that could not stand Marianne Esposito's cooking show "Ciao, Italia!", because at the beginning of every show, she would say "Let's go nella cucina...". He said it hurt his ears when she said that, because it's supposed to be "in cucina".


This seems to be one of the only times when English has an article and Italian doesn't.


Not just 'one of the only'. Here is a link to a duo discussion about when to use the definite article and when to omit it.



How about these translations: in aeroporto = in the airport; presso or all'aeroporto =at the airport

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