"My arm is hurting."

Translation:Jag har ont i armen.

January 14, 2015

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So, basically there are two ways to talk about pain--you can "har ont" in a body part, but then the body part itself DOES pain, as in "gör ont"? This is very confusing to me.....


I wil try to make it even more confusing :)!

"Ha ont i" is the most common way to describe a pain.

And there are two different ways to use "göra ont":
Det gör ont i armen.
Armen gör ont.

There is also "smärta" - verb and noun:
Foten smärtar vid belastning.
Han lider av kronisk smärta.

We also have "värka" (verb) and "värk" (noun):
Armen värker.
Jag har huvudvärk.


That isn`t so bad. Thanks for expanding my mind!

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