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Why is there no "Words" tab on one of my courses? Also, the "Immersion" tab isn't working

I have two courses on here, German and Swedish. I'm learning German and everything with that course is fine, but I already speak Swedish, and wanted to do the translate articles thing under the Immersion tab (In the Swedish course), but when I click on the Immersions tab, 'immersions' comes up in the link URL, but nothing happens to the actual page. It's just the discussions page. Also, there is no "words" tab. Is this just because I went about going through the course differently, so different things are available? Or is it a bug? Thanks

January 14, 2015



Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Irish don't have immersion or words since they're still in Beta.


Anch'io ho un problema simile, qualche volta, tutto va bene, ma qualche volta non ricevo tutti i miei messaggi, non so la ragione, o, perché tante volta funziona, tante volta non funziona ! Sarei molto grata per una soluzione se c'è qualcuno l'ha. Buona fortuna :-))

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