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  5. "Is gá bheith luath."

"Is bheith luath."

Translation:It is necessary to be early.

January 14, 2015



I wish I could get audio with all the Irish sentences - mostly there is none, and very occasionally it is there - not my computer's fault, because I get audio unfailingly with other Duo courses


We know audio is much less than other languages on Duolingo. The official reps say every vocabulary word is pronounced at least once. To hear pronunciation of basic vocabulary, other venues exist. Now You're Talking Irish on YouTube is one.


Should 'one must be early' be accepted, or is there some distinction between the two?


If it were "It is necessary for you to be early" would the Irish translation be Is gá leat... or Is gá agat... or...?


It would be Is gá duit … (or Is gá daoibh …).


The first time I answered this question it said the correct solution is "I have to be early" When I answered the second time with this answer it was not accepted even though that was what it said. The second "correct solution" was it is necessary to be early" - which is the correct solution?


“I have to be early” is not a correct translation because there’s no word corresponding to “I” in the sentence. Is gá dom bheith luath could be translated as “I have to be early”, though.


This is really weird. When the question is asked in English and I reply in Irish 'Is ga bheith luath" is accepted as correct. But when the question is asked in English the only "correct' answer is: It is necessary to be early. Is this a programming error?


Your contrasting examples were both asked in English?


Here it is again!! I gave "I have to be early" It is rejected as a correct answer, then it is offered as an alternative!! Very annoying.


I put "It is a requirement to be early." I understand that this is a little more awkward in English, but is it technically incorrect?

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