Is one able to begin at a higher level if s/he has some previous exposure to the language?

May 5, 2012


I would work through it even if you had years of experience in the language for 2 reasons. You will be surprised how many "gaps" you will find in your language instruction through the years, and, secondly, you will be able to help the designers of the program find errors, as a "thank you" for it being free and to keep it free . . .

Yes. On the skill tree of the language you'll see an icon with a keyhole. Click that and you can test out of the lesson that precedes it.

Kauz is right. But if in the test they show you a dessert and a cake you should translate "EXCESO" and not "postre" or "pastel", because something about that was said in the lesson you didn't take. Same thing if you see a "sign" in the woods. You should translate "DISTANCIA" instead of "letrero" o "cartel" Take good care of stressing the word as appropriated. What I mean is that test is still imperfect.

Hi, Monica ! English is not my born language, so I sometimes don't reach to exactly tell what I mean. Never mean to offend anybody. I don't quite agree your reasons for taking that test, but perhaps you're right and I am wrong. I believe practice is necessary and repeating exercises is a good thing to fix concepts. It is important "to really feel" you master the thing before taking the test. I don't let my daughter to take that test 'cause I feel She needs more practice (She is ten years old). Am I wrong ? khisler has a good reason to take the "Unlock Test". I'm only warning him about the bugs.

Amaponian, not only do "bugs" in the program helps us learn by forcing us to not act like robots in our instruction, but, (I learned this through Khan Academy) even we with the best education, find "gaps" that can mess us up as we advance. I was shocked how many gaps I found in my education, thanks to Khan Academy, and I am sure DuoLingo will do the same thing. I feel I was not fit to challenge anything in DuoLingo or Khan Academy. I am 54 years old and trying to keep my brain sharp.

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