"De har lilla sko."

Translation:They have purple shoes.

3 years ago


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My big Danish dictionary translates 'lilla' as lilac, mauve - but not purple. Going the other way, it translates purple as 'blåligrød' or 'lilla' or 'rødviolet' - so I think you should allow 'They have lilac shoes'! (It's confusing in English, too!)

3 years ago


I don't know about allow it but that is certainly how I will remember purple is lilla. I try where possible to use mnemonic devices which translate or approximate the word in to my native tongue :)

3 years ago

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That's distinguishing moment. There is no plural marker, but "shoe" is wrong

1 year ago

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If there's no article on a countable word in this kind of sentence then it's safe to assume it's plural. There is no plural indefinite article, much like English but one would be required if it was singular.

De har en lilla sko = They have a purple shoe
De har lilla sko = They have purple shoes

"They have purple shoe" doesn't make sense.

1 year ago


Why does shoes not have an -e or -er ending like all the other plural words?

1 year ago


Apparently it is one of these words like in English "jeans" it can be both singular and plural. But that's just my guess...

1 year ago


Why dont they have dictionary explanations now, it' more interesting to know the why and wherefores

1 day ago
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