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  5. Is the audio module broken?


Is the audio module broken?

As of a few days ago, some audio exercises start silent, and suddenly the last few words are heard. If you click the "speaker icon" or the "slower link", the audio will then play correctly. Am I the only one experiencing this bug? (tried with Chrome and Firefox on Mac)

November 12, 2012



I've had it too. Mine often doesn't work for the normal speed audio button. The slower speed seems unaffected. I've also experienced the audio being quite stuttery.

Let's hope they can get everything fixed pronto. It's still a great site despite little annoyances like this.


I'm having the same trouble with audio glitches.


Just signed up today and I cannot access audio (either normal or slow speeds). Learning French. Chrome. Windows 8.


I've had ongoing problems with the slower audio feed refusing to play even though the normal speed audio plays fine. This is driving me crazy because my Spanish listening skills are not yet up to decifering fast speech.

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