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  5. "Jeg er i stuen!"

"Jeg er i stuen!"

Translation:I am in the living room!

January 15, 2015



This sentence uses "i" but my last sentence was "Hun er på badeværelset." I wrote it with "i" instead of "på" and was marked incorrect. Do we use different prepositions for different rooms in Danish?


Yes. It's a little odd now that i think about it, but we do.

"Hun er i stuen" (the living room) "Hun er i køkkenet" (the kitchen) "Hun er i soveværelset" (the bed room) "Hun er i kælderen" (the basement/cellar) "Hun er i gangen" (the hall)

"Hun er på badeværelset" (the bathroom) "Hun er på kontoret" (the office) "Hun er på sit værelse" (her room)

In a few cases it might be correct to use either, but normally you can't. For example you might say "hun er på gangen" (in the hall) but to me that implies a place like a hospital with long halls, not just someone's little hall in their home.


lounge room should be accepted


Like German "Stube", an obsolete word for "living room".

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