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Where is immersion/translating?

Yesterday I think I clicked on "immersion" and did some translating. Now I can't find that option up at the top. All I see are Home, Words, Activity, and Discussion. Am I not looking in the right place?

January 15, 2015



It only works for some languages (I believe languages in beta do not have immersion)

So Swedish, Irish, Danish, and any other beta language doesn't have immersion as of now


I was translating from French into English, and several times I've been "invited" to translate from Italian. I also have a higher score for Spanish than I do for Italian. I can't find it on any language.


Like mentioned earlier, the beta languages don't have immersion. Sometimes when you change to a regular course from a beta one, the immersion section doesn't show up. In such a case, try refreshing the page. That usually does the trick.


Thank you. Yes, that solved the problem.

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