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FYI: special letter characters from keyboard

I imaging someone has already posted this hint. Personally I get irritated having to stop typing & pick up the mouse to click a special letter character in the middle of a word. Instead, those characters can be inserted from the keyboard using the ALT key.(on PC's). It's easier than it looks...

For example: é is ALT+0233, ê is ALT+0234. ALT+ means hold down ALT key while entering the number. Only a few codes are needed for each language, so they become familiar very quickly. BTW, use numbers from keypad-- the numbers above the letters on keyboard won't work.

Here is a link that has the codes grouped by language for PC & Mac: http://www.vistawide.com/languages/typing_foreign_language_characters.htm. The list looks long, but, with French, for example, only 4 or 5 of them are used on a regular basis

July 29, 2013

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Since we're on that topic, I thought I might share another way to do that... what I did was add the -keyboard- language of the language I'm learning (In this case that would be Portuguese) to my computer. You can do that via the control panel. It might be tricky to find where the symbol is the first time though, (for instance I don't have this "ç" on my physical keyboard so I had to press a couple buttons to find out where it was) for the rest though, its just a combination of the symbol first, followed by the letter--> ' + a = á or ~ + o = õ Apparently you can also opt to use a "U.S. International Keyboard" or something that will do the same thing. (Also via the control panel -> clock, language, region) I haven't had to click on anything for special characters in a long time. :)

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