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Conquered Swedish in one 58 day streak!

It took 58 days, but I finally did it: In one unbroken streak I have conquered Swedish!

It was my first time using duolingo and I can not praise it enough. I was living in sweden for over a year, doing evening SFI and studying in my spare time, but I was making slow progress. Especially understanding spoken conversation seemed an impenetrable fortress to me.

I have to thank everyone who contributed to this course. I have made great progress in the last two months, and it's all thanks to all of you, here at Duolingo.

Nu måste du prata bara svenska med mig!

January 15, 2015



Grattis! Kul att höra :)

En detalj bara:

> Nu måste du bara prata svenska med mig!

Adverbet sätts direkt efter kombinationen med subjekt-verb, aldrig efter infinitiven :)

(The adverb is put directly after the subject-verb combination, never after the infinitive)


Tack! :)

Jag hade tänkte om det, och... Jag välja fel...


Congratulations..... you have overcame the first barrier on language learning i.e. to start a language. All the best for future. :)


Awesome! :D

I finished Dutch in 55 days because German is so similar... I think it will take me much longer for Swedish! You did good. ^.^


Grattis! Jag hoppas att andra invandrare också känner till Duolingo. Jag är säker på att DL är ett jättebra komplement till SFI.


Grattis! I'm still fumbling through the first section but getting there!



I hope to do the same. I'm on day 4.

Att lära svenska är inte så svårt :)


I finished mine yesterday. Originally I planned to finish it within the next two weeks, but then I just couldn't wait and this happened: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3430624/duolingoswedishfinnished.png


MY Swedish is glitching on me, so I switched over to Italian until it fixes itself


But great job. Record language learning time. :P


Wow, this really encourages me to do keep it up.



So far I'm 16 days in, does it get too hard?


Day 72 and not done yet. But still fun.

Lära mig svenska är roligt.

p.s.: Maybe I had better written Att lära mig svenska är roligt.?

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