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  5. "Vi ska byta tåg i Malmö."

"Vi ska byta tåg i Malmö."

Translation:We will change trains in Malmö.

January 15, 2015



"We will switch train in Malmo" is not right? I thought "tåg" could be both single and plural, and it seems both versions are legitimate in this sentence.


English uses plurals in this construction, whereas Swedish uses singular. That's just the idiomatic way the languages want it.


Why is...should...wrong here instead of will


"should" would be borde.


As I said in an earlier post, I disagree that English exclusively uses plurals in this construction. As a native British English speaker, I would be just as likely if not more so to say "change train" as "change trains".


Yeah, I'd have to agree. And a quick reference search confirms that the singular is way more common. I'll change the defaults.

Edit: Apparently, Google was acting up and the plural is indeed much more common, so I changed it back. Sorry for the double changes - I had not counted on Google setting itself to Swahili without me noticing.


I think both singular and plural are acceptable in English.


I can only speak for my own dialect of British English, but I would almost always say "change train" rather than "change trains". The singular should be accepted.


Agree that the singular should be accepted and have reported it as such. I would slightly prefer the plural form personally, but both plural and singular are grammatically acceptable and in common usage.


Whats wrong with "we should" in this sentence i thought ska could be both will and should


"should" is generally better as borde, and that's what it would mean here.

ska here means you're either supposed to or definitely will, while borde means it's a good idea.


I thought so too. Can someone explain, please?

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Yeah I wonder the same


What's the difference between "förändrar" and "bytar"?


förändra is for when you make a change to something.

byta is for when you change one thing for another.


Fast and clear as ever, I'm amazed. Thanks

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