"Han sitter och hon står."

Translation:He is sitting and she is standing.

January 15, 2015

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This is not just a random example, it's a quote from the historical poem Stenbocks kurir from 1886 by Carl Snoilsky. The story is that the Swedish army had won a victory at the battle of Helsingborg in 1710. The courier of the title was sent to tell the privy council this. The courier hurries so much that he's completely exhausted when he arrives. He almost faints, which makes the first lady offer him his chair, and then this, at the time extremely shocking situation occurs – you were not supposed to sit down while royalty was standing up those days. (read more)


One can sit with Royal permission. But great story and painting, tfs.


for learners that do not natively speak english. Stay/stand http://www.usingenglish.com/forum/threads/66025-stay-and-stand

I knew I will learn not only swedish, but some english aswell, coming from germany originaly. Hope I can make somene happy with this link - and thanks for posting this story and picture.


That link was very interesting, and I am a native English speaker. Thank you for sharing!


Terrible TTS...


Just ghastly. Worst Swedish voice online. I don't have this problem with any other Duolingo languages. How are we supposed to learn BEGINNING Swedish with this terrible voice???


I see "is" as a translation for both sitter and står. Is this a mistake? I thought är was "is".


When we speak about objects, we're very fond of naming their exact position. So we're much more likely to say for instance Flaskan står på bordet than you are to say 'The bottle stands on the table'. This is why those hints are there – there are many sentences about this in other places in the course.


That is why it's a little confusing to see in the word matches...står, sitter, ligger, and är, all equaling -is-


So the "to stand" here means "to get up" from a chair (for example) or to maintain an upright position (standing still)? Or both?


står in Swedish means only 'to be standing'.
'to get up' is att resa sig in Swedish.

PS if you got an email notification, just ignore it, I edited my comment so heavily as to change the meaning completely :D


Chivalry is dead.


Swedes don’t care much for chivalry.


Swedes care more about equality, but some appreciate chivalry too. :)


How do you define chivalry? If Chivalry wasn't dead, then you'd have a bunch of knights galloping around on hästar


Chivalry is mostly duelling rules which i am 100% for bringing back


Sounds like 'He sits on a stool'


I do not like the audio. Is it common in Swedish to rush past OCH? I guessed she used it based on context

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