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Choose exercise

Hi! I think it would be a great idea to be able to choose which kind of exercise to practice when strengthening skills. On my mobile app I find those of choosing the words and making the frase pretty easy. But not those translating from english to, say, italian. I would like to have more of those!! Cheers!

July 29, 2013



Yes, that's what I've been thinking all along as well! I would want it for practicing more sentences from English into Spanish (just the opposite of what you personally want :D ), but that's the whole idea! That way each person would be able to personalize the practices to their best advantage and focus on the areas where they need most help.


I completely agree. I think that you should be able to go into practice of any individual skill, or a practice all skills, and select which exercises that you want to be included. It could simply show a tick box or button for each style and once you have selected all the ones you want you can begin.

I agree that having translations from English to Italian would be much more helpful than the multiple choice questions. My reading comprehension is fairly high but writing and speaking from an English sentence is a lot lower.

Being able to have every user personalizing their experience should also provide some interesting data for how people learn differently within different sections and at different levels.


Yeah, it's great for Duolingo to know what users think is better!

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