Loss of streak?

Woot. Logged in today, knowing that I'd taken a hit yesterday for not logging in (thank goodness for streak freeze!), but discovered that my streak has been reset to 0, and the streak freeze has also been used. Anyone else having this? The last time I emailed Duolingo it never got replied to, so I'm not holding my breath and thought I'd try the other users :)

January 15, 2015


I was wondering also why I had lost my streak. I did 44xp yesterday and have my target set on 50. I though you only had to get 1xp or something

I've changed my target to 1xp even though I usually do loads more. It seems silly the way it works.

I lose my streak every now and then, today for example I lost a 190 day streak. I have sent e-mails about it multiple times, clearly pointing out flaws in their system, but I did never get any response. Their support team is too busy, sure, but then hire more people or something. It is a major setback in motivation to lose a large streak.

I lost a nearly 580 day streak this way - no warning, no explanation. Very disappointed, needless to say.

I ran into a similar issue today, dealing with my streak. I had a streak of ten days going, and when I practiced today, I saw that my streak had been knocked down to 1 day. I didn't miss a day of practicing, and was confused and frustrated. Still am, actually. The only thing I could think of was that Duolingo is altering the streak system by only extending a streak if you reach your daily goal (Just a personal theory). Mine is 20 a day at the moment, but yesterday, I only had time for one lesson, so I earned 10 instead of my usual twenty.

I suppose it could be argued that streaks can be easily built back up, but it's still frustrating seeing your hard work crash down like a Lego tower. Regardless, I hope one, if not both of us gets some answers!

For sure you have to reach your goal or you will lose your streak. I saw this talked about quite a lot when the coach feature was first rolled out to everyone. Many people set their daily goal to 1 XP just to keep from losing their streak.

Oh, all right. Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated :D

Yes, but when one pays 10 lingots for a streak freeze, why doesn't that hold the streak if you only miss one day?

Ah. That would explain it then. It would've been great if this had been mentioned. From what I read in the notice I got from duolingo, it made no mention of this sort of thing. So I left my "goal" at 20, with the idea that I would aim for 20, but do at least 10-12 a day.

I used a streak freeze the week before Christmas and it worked fine. The streak freeze disappeared but I didn't lose my streak. I know that's not a lot of help to you but it does make me wonder... is it possible you had already used your streak freeze?

No, I had missed ONLY one day, and the freeze was in place prior to that day.

i was unable to use duolingo whilst travelling and now my mobile version does not recognise me, so wants me to start again

Yes, this has happened to me multiple times!

I was in the room with my husband yesterday when he made his goal, yesterday afternoon when he was using his phone to practice and last night when we both were practicing during the Buc v Steelers game and he woke up this morning and had lost his streak. Very disappointed - not as a status thing but as a way to monitor activity. There should be a way to fix this without paying. I'm bummed for him.

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