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Learning Dutch and German

Dear Duolingo Dutch Learners,

I would like your advice. How do you cope learning two similar languages at the same time.

I am currently learning Dutch and German.

My situation is the following, my mother tongue is Spanish, I am fluent in English, but I live in the Netherlands and my wife is German.

In my last trip to Germany, I noticed that I started to mix up German and Dutch words or sentences. I was quite embarrassed.

Any advice on how to keep improving in both languages efficiently?

I have the Deutsch Zertifikat B1 and I am in level 14 German in Duolingo. I am in level 14 Dutch in Duolingo.

January 15, 2015



I'm learning Spanish and Italian at the same time, which brought a lot of confusion as well. What I do, but that's just on Duolingo, is one day Spanish and the other Italian. That helps me a lot. :)


hahaha, no worries, this is absolutely normal! :D and you will always get confused looks whenever you mix sth up :) don't be shy to explain this, people will understand!

however, the only way is to practise a lot in both languages, so you will get a feeling for what is more dutch and what is more german. and never be afraid to make mistakes and ask for the right way of saying something! :)

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