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"I remained lying in the bed the entire day."

Translation:Jag blev liggande i sängen hela dagen.

January 15, 2015



Why jag blev liggande? Isn't jag blev = I became? Like jag blev arg? Could one say jag stannade liggande?


This is a construction used to express an ongoing state. You get into a position, and then remain like that. Examples are blev sittande, blev stående, blev liggande (with 'sitting, standing, lying' respectively). You can't use stannade instead, and there's only a small selection of verbs that fit in the other slot as well. Think of it as a set construction.


If that's the case, might I reccomend using "was lying" instead of "remained lying"? That construction maintains the idea of having occurred consistently in the past form while also being more natural sounding.


It's just that we use that form for 1) teaching people that present continuous and present are both present in Swedish 2) teaching the various Swedish continuous constructions.


Solution suggests "hela dan" instead of "hela dag". Is that a mistake or one can really say that?


Either hela dagen or hela dan. Dan is colloquial speech for dagen.


Can you write 'den hela dagen'?


No. Some adjectives don't want an article too in the definite, and hela is one of them.


why isn't "stannade liggande" accepted?


People just don't say that. It's because of something in the meaning of stannade – it doesn't mean exactly the same as 'remained'. It can be translated as 'remained' in some contexts, but in many cases it is more like 'halted' or 'stopped'.

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