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Der goldene Baum sieht gut aus

Finally finished my German tree! Now to keep it golden. Duolingo hat mir Spass gemacht, und wird mir noch mehr Spass geben.

January 15, 2015



First - congratulations! Second - a question from a newbie. I started with Duolingo 12 days ego and noticed that some people have reached level 25 (reportedly the top level), yet others are finishing the tree at level 12/13. How does it work? Once you get to level 12 and the tree is completed, what do you have to do to get to level 25? Thanks


Hello Sailor517. When I started German, I did the placement test because I already had some knowledge of German. That colored part of my tree gold. You will "level up" by accruing XP -. by practicing. So even though I am level 15 in German, that is a better indicator of how much time I've spent practicing on Duolingo than it is an indicator of my German language mastery. For example, I don't speak Spanish nearly as well as I do German, but I am at a higher level in Spanish, because I practice it more. Does that help?


Yes it does. Thank you. I had studied German back in HS, in fact went to a German HS. But had not spoken the language for almost 40 years, started Duolingo tree at the very bottom and did not skip any steps. We'll see how it goes. I also follow DW slow news as well as Slow German broadcast. Will enroll in a non credit college course for fun next month. Thank you again for your explanation. Wish we had all these tools back when I was in HS cheers


from what I've heard people get the tons of experience in immersion translating web materials


Congratulations! Are you planning to keep learning German?


Thanks, SethFriday. Yes. I werde noch Deutsch lernen. Genau wie . . . dass weiß ich nicht.


Viel Glück! Liest du Bücher auf Deutsch?


Ein Buch geschrieben auf Deutsch habe ich nicht gelesen, SethFriday. Hast du eine Empfehlung? Und wie be bekommt man solche Bücher? Amazon? Das habe Ich nicht versucht.


Ich würde Dir empfehlen, zuerst ein Buch zu lesen, das du schon kennst. Es ist sehr hilfreich, wenn man weiß, worum es geht. Ich habe Englisch gelernt, indem ich Harry Potter Bücher gelesen habe, denn die hatte ich so oft gelesen, dass ich sie auswendig kannte!

Auch Kinderbücher sind gut, weil sie einfach geschrieben sind. Oder vielleicht etwas von Roald Dahl, wenn dir seine Geschichten gefallen?

Wenn du etwas Deutsches lesen willst, empfehle ich dir:

1) Kinderbücher, die auch Erwachsenen gefallen: - "Tintenherz" oder "Drachenreiter" von Cornelia Funke ("Tintenherz" wird noch fortgesetzt in "Tintenblut" und "Tintentod" - Alles von Michael Ende, meine Lieblingsbücher sind "Momo" und "Die unendliche Geschichte" (das Letztere ist allerdings voller Märchenwörter und sehr lang)

2) Romane: -"Verbrechen" und "Schuld" von Ferdinand von Schirach (Rechtsanwalt, schreibt Krimi-Geschichten, die teilweise von seinen eigenen Fällen inspiriert wurden, ein wunderschönes Deutsch)

-"Kassandra" von Christa Wolf (eine der größten deutschen Autorinnen, es geht um die Kassandra von Troja, eine anspruchsvolle Geschichte)

Die Liste ist nicht lang, aber viele Bücher, die mir einfallen, sind schon mindestens 40 Jahre alt (und du willst ja erst mal modernes Deutsch lernen, nehme ich an) oder sind voller Dialekte oder Umgangssprache, was für einen Anfänger auch nicht einfach ist..

Diese Bücher kann man alle auf amazon bekommen!

Disney Filme anzuschauen ist auch eine gute Möglichkeit zu üben. Die Meisten von ihnen sind exzellent übersetzt!


Ja, Amazon has a good selection. In addition to books originally written in German, you can find Books translated into German, side-by-side translations of classic German Märchen and other stories, and also a few books written specifically for learners.

I'm not sure which you would be interested in, but I definitely recommend browsing what they have. If you go to the books section, they have a sidebar that lets you filter the results by language.

I feel there must be free resources online. I don't think I have anything bookmarked past a beginner's level. Hopefully someone who reads this will have some websites to recommend.


(my last post in English, just in case..)

I'd recommend reading a book you already know first. It' really helpful if you know what's happening. I learned English by way of reading Harry Potter, since I had read them so often that I knew them by heart.

Children's books are good, too, because they are easy to read. Or some Roald Dahl, if you like his stuff?

If you want to read something German, I recommend:

1) Children's books that are for adults, too: - "Tintenherz" (Inkheart) or "Drachenreiter" (Dragon Rider) by Cornelia Funke ("Inkheart" is followed by "Inkspell" and "Inkdeath") - Everything by Michael Ende, my favourite books are "Momo" (that's a name) and "Die unendliche Geschichte" (The Neverending Story) (of course the last one contains a good deal of fantasy vocabulary and is a really long read, you might want to wait with that)

2) Novels: - "Verbrechen" (Crime) and "Schuld" (Guils) by Ferdinand von Schirach (He's a lawyer, writes crime novels, that are sometimes (more often than not) inspired by his cases, some wonderful German! Also, those are short stories, so don't have to read everything at once. Can be quite brutal, though.)

  • "Kassandra" by Christa Wolf (one of the greatest German authors, the book is about Cassandra of Troy, a sophisticated read)

That's not a very long list, but most books I can think of are either at least 40 years old (and you want to learn some modern German I guess) or they are full of dialect or quite cooloquial, which isn't that easy for a beginner..

You can get all those books on amazon!

Also, watching Disney in German is a really good way of practicing :) Most of them are translated excellently!

Well, have fun and good luck with learning German!


The past participle of “schreiben” is “geschrieben”, the past participles of all irregular verbs end in -en, not -t. Don't capitalise “ich” like English “I”. And please use ß (in “Spaß” and “ich weiß”, you get it on Windows with Alt+0223. But apart from that, your German is good. :)


Thank you schyrsivochter - I welcome corrections. Have a lingot.




Warum? Ich reise ab und zu nach Deutschland. Und ich finde Sprachen, im Algemein, sehr interessant.

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