"Eu não posso ficar sem você."

Translation:I cannot be without you.

July 29, 2013

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Another correct translation they gave was "I can't live without you" wouldn't a better word for that be viver? Also, can I not translate ficar in this sentence to "stay" ? Sure that would make the sentence more situational, but I don't think it should be counted as wrong...thoughts?


You're right!! "Ficar" here takes the meaning of "be" or "live", so I think they should accept they both. Surely, a more literal translation for "to live" is "viver", but if the verb "to be" was translated literally, then it would sound awkward to us...


Viver is one possibility, but there are others.

A manager can say this to one of his workers intening to quit the job, for example.


Thanks. And well, after getting a notification on this question I posted a long time ago, reading it back, I have another one. Can you say "sem si" instead of "sem você"? If not, why not?


No, "si" is reflexive. (At least in PT-BR, I'm not sure about PT-PT).

You can use "ti". "Não posso ficar sem ti".


Sorry, I'm not sure what the rule is with "reflexive" pronouns. I know I can use "ti" but not when I'm referring to someone as "você". I was just wondering because in Portugal I always heard things like "Isto é para si." Instead of "Isto é para você."

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    In Portugal, as you have noted, "si" is a pronoun for "você. There is a video of this dialogue on youtube:

    "É então que se dá uma troca de palavras entre moderador e comentador. Dias Ferreira diz a Paulo Garcia: “Não gosto de si”. E o jornalista responde: “O senhor não gosta de mim e eu também não gosto de si."

    Ler mais em: http://www.cmjornal.pt/tv-media/detalhe/dias-ferreira-nao-estou-zangado-com-a-sic


    Yes, you're right....

    For me (a Brazilian) it is definitely weird. We only use "si" in reflexive ways. Ex: ele não gosta de si = he doesn't like himself

    But "si" will be accepted in the course due to Portugal's usage.


    Can this not be translated also as 'I can't stay without you'?


    Yes, another possible translation.

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