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I have been learning Italian for almost a year now and am feeling quite pleased with my progress. I have been using Lang-8 recently and have found that my written and reading skills are better than I thought. However I want to keep up the progress. I also want to have a better understand of the technical terms and grammar rules so that I can help others with more detailed, and accurate, comments/descriptions.

I find the grammar one of the most difficult aspects of Italian, which has been confirmed by some Italians I have been talking to, and so I was wondering whether anyone can recommend any good reference books.

I would mainly want reference for grammar but any good books, preferably with extensive and possibly even exhaustive information, would be great to help me get a better technical grounding to help improve my learning moving forward.

Thanks in advance for the help =)

July 29, 2013

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My favorite is Maiden and Robustelli, A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian (2000, NTC Publishing Group, 2007 Routledge).

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