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Bug in weekly progress graph

After doing exactly 50 points every day, for 7 days in a row:

weekly progress

January 15, 2015



I've never been a fan of them setting the minimum on the weekly progress graph as the minimum you've scored that week, instead of just zero.

1) Most people are used to graphs having zero as the minimum for the y-axis. Having a non-zero value as the minimum y-axis value may be confusing for some.

2) It visually removes some of the work that you've done. Instead of seeing on the chart everything that you've done, a portion of your work is "cut off" from the bottom of the chart. Visually it looks like you've done a lot less work this way, as opposed to if the y-axis started at zero. This is a little discouraging.

I love that they share this data with us, it's just a suggestion in presentation :-)


And what's the bug? The graphic says 50 in all rows because is the only parameter that it has to measure.


Yep, that's the bug.

The graphic says 50 in all rows

More precisely, it's not a graph any more. There should be different values on y-axis. If everything on y-axis is 50, then the yellow line should be everywhere.

because is the only parameter that it has to measure.

More specifically, because minimum and maximum are equal (in this case equal to 50).



Well, we both know the cause.


I don't have an issue with 50 being at the bottom as much as all of the y axis is 50 it should at least be ascending my suggestion would be to set the minimum to 10 less (or 0) and the max at 10 above

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