"Mormor köper ett nytt skärp."

Translation:Grandmother is buying a new belt.

January 15, 2015

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Are skärp and bälte similar?


Yes, no big difference.


I had "Granny buys a new knife" which is terrifying


For me it translated as 'grandmother buys a new sash.'


Why is it "nytt" and not "ny"?


It's ett skärp.


i wrote nan instead of grandmother. didnt accept it :( guess it's because the american leaning version of english


No, it's a matter of logistics. Please see the top question here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/20444477/FAQ-for-the-Swedish-course


Oh that makes sense. Guess its just it was just insincts to use nan


And thanks to both of you from me because up till now I didn't know about the FAQ page. Well worth reading.


How do i know if it's "my grandmother" or if it wants to say "your grandmother" for example? I mean, here doesn't say "min mormor".


The suggested translation is just 'Grandmother… ' That works in English too, if you say just Grandmother or Granny, people will probably assume you're talking about your own one.
Since you tend to use the possessive a little more often in English, My grandmother is also an accepted answer. But if we want to be clear about whose grandmother we're talking about, we'd say min, din etc in Swedish too. There's absolutely nothing strange about using the possessives here in Swedish either.


Tack så mycket!


A new belt to whip the naughty granchildren with


That would be considered child abuse in Sweden. We do not take kindly to discipline through beatings.


I don't even know what a sash is...


The machinery tries to match your input to the closest accepted answer. ett skärp is 'a belt' and 'a sash' is also a kind of belt.


Please ! What is the correct pronunciation of " skärp "?


I'm afraid that link didn't help as it's all in (I presume) Swedish and my Swedish is not good enough to figure out how to find the explanation. The pronunciation of "sk" baffles me.


MAM3166's link is actually for the word skarp. To hear the pronunciation of skärp you need to go instead to https://sv.forvo.com/search/skärp/#sv -- then click on the right-pointing triangles to hear the recordings (ignoring, however, the first one, which is for skarp -- a site error.

For a (very!) full account of the sj-sound (also sk- in front of e, i, y, ä, ö), see https://youtu.be/OvlwXQ1bDvc


My mouth can't get round that word! There seem to be four slightly different pronounciations ranging from 'sherp' to 'ferp'. ,


it sounds like "hoo-airp", but pronounced faster


A most helpful youtube video. Thank you so much for sharing it.


It's rather annoying that whenever I write something like "Grandma's buying" (for "Mormor köper") duolingo insists on telling me "You missed a space". Oh no, I didn't!
I didn't "miss a space", because to miss a space is to fail to notice it. And I didn't even "miss it out" (i.e. fail to insert it), if that is what duolingo is perhaps trying to say. No, what I did was use the contracted form of is (which is never preceded by a space). A further oddness is that duolingo doesn't have this problem when I write, say, "She's buying" (for "Hon köper").


Duolingo's admin interface is a little tricky with possessives, since the system tends to create them in its own way. I think I've fixed the default so that "Grandmother's buying a new belt" works as intended without typos, but there are 160 accepted permutations of translations for this sentence, so some other similar variations will probably still yield typo errors.


Tack så mycket för din snabba uppmärksamhet på mina anmärkningar, dev.!

[deactivated user]

    Nyt gets additional T at the ends. Because skarp is ett word?


    Not just one t, but two, actually - because the base form is ny. And you're absolutely right - it's ett skärp, so you need the ett-word form nytt.


    us okies have grandmas not grandmothers


    We accept "grandma" as well, but I can see from your error report that you wrote "grandma bought new belt", which is in the wrong tense and missing the article.


    Is the stress on the adjective normal or is it there to emphasize it?


    You'd normally emphasise skärp. It's not weird at all to emphasise nytt, but it does bring focus to that the belt is new.

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