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App jumped me ahead 6 skill levels.

Some how I was jumped forward past 6 skill levels. I can't even practice my weak skills because I don't know the words. Any Ideas as to what might have happened and how I can go back to where i know I should be. Thanks anyone to any help you can give me!

January 15, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Just redo the lessons, even though it says you have done them.


    Thanks! I guess I will probably have to do that. Was just hoping for an easy way go get back to where I should have been, and find out how I got there in the first place.


    Redoing the lessons that were skipped is the easy way of getting back to where you were.

    How you got there is a different matter and sounds like a glitch which you may just have to accept. If it starts to happen frequently then it is time to start to worry. Unless of course, you have someone else who is logging on as you and doing your lessons for you?


    My first thought was that maybe someone had access to my account but no one I know has access, and my password is unique for every site. The more I thought about it, I couldn't see a random hacker doing my spanish lessons. lol

    I did post a letter to troubleshooting. Wanted to let them know the problem I had if there is a bug or something. Will post here if I get a reply.

    I have started to redo the units. The difficult and annoying part for me is that my goal was to complete a unit a week and use the 'practice week skills' in between. Now that is beyond my skill level. But no big deal, just an incentive to bump up learning :-) Just though me off my stride for a moment.

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