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  5. "Du behöver inte mig."

"Du behöver inte mig."

Translation:You do not need me.

January 15, 2015



This is one of duolingo's saddest sentences :`(


along with soldaten gråter


The one that goes "I don't know what the family is" is worse imho.


and they will ring me if she dies in the night


Perhaps I am just being optimistic, but I like to think that, in context, this sentence is happy. Perhaps the du in question has finished training under mig, and I am now telling du that "Du got this! Du can do it by yourself! *Du behöver inte mig!"


Actually i read that as 'you don't need me (to make you a sandwich. You are not a child!) So I was angry, but now I'm sad :')


Yes Duo, I do need you! Don't leave me now! ;)


Is 'Du behöver mig inte' also possible?


And is there a difference in emphasis?


"Du behöver mig inte" means "You don't need me";

"Du behöver inte mig" means "You don't need me, (but perhaps somebody else)".

See Arnauti's explanation here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5529963


If duo is listening... I had NO sound, on this sentence. Just so you know, or not.


Thanks for the report. That happens occasionally but I'm afraid we can do nought about it. Usually, it's because the provider is unable to play the file, which means it'll probably work a few minutes later, but there's no guarantee. For instance, it's working right now for me, which makes it more likely that it was just a temporary glitch.

There's an exception, though: there are a few sentences where the audio is so bad that we turned it off. In those cases, you won't be shown a microphone icon, so you'll know whether the sound ought to work or not.


Thank you! I appreciate the answer. I'[m working very diligently at becoming fluent in several languages, so perhaps I take this too seriously. I'm a retired electreo-mechanical engineer, so I expect things to work, or I will fix them (haha). That used to be my job. I do understand the problem. Thanks again!


Yes, I program statistical modelling on website backends for a living, so I know what you mean - and it's extra frustrating when I have a pretty clear grasp on why it doesn't work. :) But just so you know, courses are created and maintained by volunteers who do not have any kind of code or infrastructure access, so the answer to anything such is usually - and unfortunately - "I'm sorry, we can't affect that."


You made me giggle. I truly understand your position and frustration. I do understand that it's volunteers and appreciate all of you. I have a great appreciation for you now I know what you do. Thanks for everything especially the giggle. I needed that today.


Audio is not working for this sentence


Usually a cache glitch when that happens. I'm sure it'll start working again soon. It's fine here. :)


Du behöver inte mig som jag behöver dig :'(

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