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A functional suggestion when viewing exercises

Here is a piece of functionality that I have wished for numerous times, and maybe others have too.

When looking at a specific exercise--not when actually doing the exercise, but rather when viewing the discussion on it--it would be really nice to have a button to "Try this exercise" or something like that. The way I see it, this would not be for any points; it would primarily be to check if a particular solution is accepted in order to facilitate discussion OR in order to report problems. I think once you see the result, you should still get the opportunity to report a problem just like when you are doing it during a unit or practice session.

These are the two main ways I see myself using this:

  • When somebody in a discussion says "I tried [such-and-such], why isn't it accepted?" I would be interested to try [such-and-such] myself, and phrases similar to it, in order to help in the discussion (eg, "your answer is close to one that's accepted, you're just missing a definite article").

  • When I see a discussion where somebody is complaining that their answer wasn't accepted, and it clearly should have been, and they clearly didn't report it, it would be nice to be able to report it then and there by simply doing the exercise.

What do you think? Would this be useful for reasons other than those I mentioned? There may be more reasons I want this that I'm currently forgetting about. :)

July 29, 2013



I second this suggestion.

After finishing the french tree, I often read questions, in order to improve my "real" level as much as I can, and I usually search several sources (duolongo discussions, grammar sites, online dictionaries etc.) for an answer. Having the option to try the exercise will give additional means for experimentation. In addition it will give the opportunity to explore different ways to express the same idea in the target language.


This is a very good suggestion!

The quality of the exercises would surely improve this way as users would be able to polish them up even when they are not doing a unit or practice session.

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