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  5. "What are you downloading?"

"What are you downloading?"

Translation:Vad laddar du ner?

January 15, 2015



Why is it "vad ladder ni ned" and not "ni ner"?


Both laddar ner and laddar ned are totally OK and are accepted answers. ned is slighly more formal but it doesn't really matter which one you pick. (if you get a multiple choice here you'll have to pick both)


Thanks! Yes, I got a multiple choice question here and stumbled over "laddar ned". I haven't seen that up to now.


What is the rule here about the position of the object? Does it always come directly after the verb, and before the particle?


I started to think about the word order for particle verbs and realized that it's quite tricky.

Normally, it is "du laddar ner". The verb and the particle split if
1. there is an inte in the sentence: "du laddar inte ner"
2. whenever you have inversion (when the verbs comes before the pronoun): "Laddar du ner?", "Naturligtvis laddar jag ner"

Then we have the cases that confuse me:
"du laddar gärna ner" (split), but "du laddar ner mycket" (not a split).


"Gärna" is an adverb like "inte", that's why it goes between the verb and the particle. "Mycket", as an object, comes after the particle (as in "You download much" with "much" meaning "a lot of stuff"). When used as an adverb (as in "You download much" with "much" meaning "often"), it should go between the verb and the particle. Can you really not say "Du laddar mycket ner"?


No. Sentence adverbials like "inte" and "gärna" split the verb and the particle:
du laddar inte ner
du laddar gärna ner

But "mycket" is a degree adverbial and you have to say "du laddar ner mycket".


Is the verb lada ner or nerlada (t.ex. German has a lot of verbs which split and then their first part goes to the end, for example zuhören -> ich höre zu), just wondering?


Ladda ner.

Some Swedish phrasal verbs split, some don't, some have to and some can't. Sorry about the mess...


After the particle.


Oh, I meant the subject, the "du" here....


The normal word order is: du laddar inte ner in a non-question. The verb always have to come in the 2nd place however, this is a rule. So if you add a vad to the beginning the verb follows it. Then comes the subject: vad laddar du ner?


Thank you! This is a very clear explanation!


So "du" has to go between the two elements of the phrasal verb? In the forum for another item with "ladder ner" it was explained that only things that modify the verb could go between the two parts of "ladder ner". Is there more to that rule after all?

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