"Hallå, är det någon där?"

Translation:Hello, is there anybody there?

January 15, 2015

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I ended up writing "hello, is there anybody in there?". Damn Pink Floyd!


Just nod if you can hear me.


Is there anybody OUT there..... Pink Floyd.


The album continues with Comfortably Numb a few songs later, which starts "Is there anybody in there?" as a counterpoint to Is There Anybody Out There?


i imagined a Portal's turret saying this :)


Is this expression good for both a telephone call, and a spooky house/cave? :D


Yep! Such a handy expression.


First Tom Jones, now Lionel Richie.


Someone told me that NÅGON is pronounce "Non". In this i hear G being pronounced. I guess the big question i have, is when does G sound like Guh and when does it sound like Yuh? Gyllene and Gula both have different G sounds for instance.


You can pronounce it either någon (long å) or nån (short å). The latter is more colloquial but also far more common. The g in the former is hard.

g is hard before the vowels a, o, u, å
g is soft before the vowels e, i, y, ä, ö


tack - that is helpful


I love this! I noticed early on, getting obsessed with Swedish TV series, that a normal Swedish greeting is "hej." But when someone, say, enters a strange house-- or a scary warehouse with guns or drugs laying about-- and doesn't know if anyone is there or not, it's this drawn out "Haallooo-aaah...?"


Yes! Well spotted; great example of when a difference applies.



has been a problem for me in learning swedish


Moderators... seeing that någon is very commonly & coloquially pronounced "nån"..... how do you moderators pronounce "någon"? I guess ultimately what I'm asking is that we can all learn "någon" being pronounced with the hard 'g' as it's followed by an 'o'........ but if we were to find ourselves in a conversation with someone or a group, would we be better to usually pronounce it as "nån" or with the hard 'g'? :) Tack!


I'd go with nån colloquially and någon less colloquially, but neither strictly.


I guess that "Hi, is there anyone there" should be ok as well?


Could one say "finns det någon där?" Or it that construction unnatrual?


It just feels much better with "är" to me... But I don't know why.


Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years You'd like to meet To go over Everything

Hello, can you hear me? I'm in California dreaming about Who we used to be, When we werre younger, And free. I've forgotten how it felt Before the world fell at our feet

Hello from the other side I must have called a thousand times To tell you I'm sorry For breaking your heart But it don't matter, it clearly Doesn't tear you apart Anymore


How would "Hello" (the song) be translated into Swedish?


Try searching for "Hello (Swedish cover)"


Can I say: är den någon där? or why only är det någon där?


den doesn't work. det here is a placeholder pronoun, it doesn't refer to anything specific. (The first 'there' in English has a similar function.) Whenever we add a pronoun like that, it's always det. Like in det regnar 'it is raining' – the det doesn't refer to anything specific, it's just a placeholder because the sentence needs a subject. No one is raining, so we blame 'det'.


Hey, doesn't work that the start of the sentence, why?


I'll add that, though I think most people would just go for the more direct translation. :)


would "Hello, is there anyone there?" be wrong? As far as I know "anybody" and "anyone" are synonymous, yet it was marked wrong.


That's odd, it's certainly an accepted translation.


Do you have to include the "det" or is it optional, like its English counterpart?


It's optional, but including it is more idiomatic.


...och hur kan man säger: "Is there anybody out there?" på Svenska, tack.


Finns det någon där ute?, for instance.


I am wondering if there is any clear difference in swedish for saying 'someone' and 'anyone' they are virtually synonymous but do imply slightly different things in english 'someone' being adressed to a single person and 'anyone' to possible miltiple people? It it just någon for all?


So, is this the normal phrase n Swedish? Meaning if I went into a large warehouse and a person was out of my vision I would say "there" if the person is within my field of view I would say here, i.e. " Hello, is there anybody here?", how would you say that in Swedish would you just replace the last word with "här?" Tack!


I'd probably say där instead but yeah, both work.


What are the different forms of nagon?


någon, något, några


Could we use nagot instead? Or are we assuming the person we are talking to is an -en noun?


Damn you. I wrote "anybody IN there"!

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