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"I am jealous because I do not have a mobile phone but she has a mobile."

Translation:Tá éad orm mar níl fón póca agam ach tá fón póca aici.

January 15, 2015



Rosetta Stone taught me "guthán" for phone instead of "fón", is one preferred over the other in practice?


It's dialectal. I believe guthán is more in Donegal.


I would prefer 'guthán' because it's not a loan word. It's cognate with 'guth' meaning 'voice'.


Isn't this a bit of a run-on in English?


Your question prompted me to try and split the sentence up so it might not be a run-on, but I couldn't think of a way. Ended up sounded like a 4th grader: I am jealous. I don't have a cell phone. She has a cell phone."


I think even some punctuation in the original sentence would do the trick.


I am jealous because she has a cell phone and I don't.

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