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"He will have received his telephone."

Translation:Hij zal zijn telefoon ontvangen hebben.

January 15, 2015



Would 'krijgen' be a good word choice here instead of 'ontvangen'?


That's correct too. :)

However, most of the times, 'krijgen' kind of means that you get something for free in sentences like this.


Because in German 'kriegen' (= krijgen) contains the word 'Krieg' (war), so many choose to eschew it. Is this implification present in Dutch as well? 'Ontvangen' sounds nicer to me (similar to the way one might prefer 'receive' to 'get'), but I could be oversensitive. I like xMerrie's note about receiving something free.


No, it's not present in Dutch. 'War' would be 'oorlog', which sounds nothing like 'krijgen'. ;)

I do agree that in sentences like this one, 'ontvangen' sounds nicer than 'krijgen' (because of the 'getting for free' meaning).


krijg does mean 'war' in Dutch though. It's a cognate of 'Krieg'. It's usually found in compounds though - krijgshaftig (warlike), krijgsgerecht/krijgsraad (court martial).


Yeah, but not on its own [anymore]. ;)


I would also say that 'krijgen' is better for 'to get' both 'recieve' and 'ontvangen' have a more formal tone to them

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