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"Is koningin Máxima de moeder of vrouw van de koning?"

Translation:Is queen Máxima the mother or wife of the king?

January 15, 2015



Ze is de vrouw van koning Willem-Alexander!


Why is the translation not "Is Queen Maxima the mother or the wife of the king?" it does not sound like a good English sentence


To me adding the second article very slightly changes the meaning. "is she the mother or wife" feels like a a yes/no question, while "is she the mother or the wife" feels more like an either/or question to me.


I came here to offer exactly the same remark as you. Without three "the"s, the correct answer to the question is: "Yes".

I don't think that is what the questioner intended.

I also assume this same distinction is true of the Dutch question. Or maybe Duo has a history in Vaudeville.


I don't think it's necessary to repeat the article in English (native English here), any more than it is in Dutch. You can if you want to, so I'm not sure it should be marked wrong, but it doesn't add anything to the meaning, and certainly doesn't improve the elegance of the sentence (in my opinion).


So how do you say 'queen mother'?

[deactivated user]

    We don't. After the queen steps down she is again a princess and assume everyone knows she was once queen. We don't have a term for the dowager queen either. She would probably become a princess again although I am not sure because we haven't had that situation in the last century. If you want a literal translation it would be something like de moeder van de koning/koninging depending on whether her son or daughter succeeded her.


    HRH Beatrix will become a Queen again when she dies. To the best of my knowledge, she is HRH Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands etc. According to the precedent set by her mother and grandmother, Princess Beatrix will be buried as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands


    I typed "Is konigin maxima de moeder of de vrouw van de koning" and the stupid algorithm thought that was English. I admit it might have some mistakes but it is still a lot closer to the Dutch than the English sentence.


    It kept saying I typed the answer in English instead of Dutch, but I didn't. I couldn't move on from this error without typing in gibberish and getting it recognised as wrong.

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