"Cosa ne penseranno le società?"

Translation:What will the companies think about it?

July 29, 2013

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The audio is very unclear


I agree, it sounds like she's saying sUcietà


Company does not appear in the dictionary hints for "società". Is it commonly used that way?


Possibly not a good translation? I need the meaning of “società” clarified. The English “company” in the singular could refer to a group of people but in the plural translation here “companies” the meaning would definitely be business entities. But I think that the Italian “società” is more social entities (clubs, societies, meetings, conferences, groups). So I suspect this translation is misleading, not the original intention of the Italian.


Does cosa ci penseranno le societa work? If: Io ci pensero= I will think about it, Loro ci penseranno SHOULD be = They will think about it. Ne should be interchangeable with ci... I would appreciate help :) thank you in advance.


Ne can translate to 'of it' whereas ci can translate to 'about it', which are very similar and could be interchangeable in a lot of cases, even if there is a subtle difference between them.

Ne is usually used with verbs that take the proposition di whereas ci is usually used with verbs that take the proposition a although I'm not sure how hard and fast that rule is.

There more details at: https://grammar.collinsdictionary.com/amp/italian-easy-learning/ne-and-ci


Would also like to find this out!


I had the same question a year ago. You can find an excellent answer by CivisRomanus here:


For a native speakers, there is no conceptual difference between "the companies" and "the firms", but DL sees one. Reported it. 27 Jan 19 (Aside from the fact that neither one "thinks" about anything.)


Why "ne" instead of "ci"?


Audio says NED instead of NE


I think that, in the slowed down version, she says "ned" for "ne" every single time the word occurs in the entire Italian course!


Audio of this voice is very unclear

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